How to Cultivate a Loyal Social networking Following for Your IT Business

Is or even Managed Service Provider (MSP) business social?

One valuable method to build a very good following for the MSP on Social networking platforms which includes Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook will be to consistently provide your followers with good quality and related written content .

Many IT companies mistakenly think that this information needs to be of the own generation of theirs. Understandable, but not many IT corporations that I know have enough time or perhaps resources to devote to generating articles on a full-time schedule.

So what will you do in terms of content that could draw in a target audience?

Curating Content

One method to attract a loyal tribe on line is to become a curator of information – aggregating and filtering ideal related written content from your individual sources.

This is a lot less complicated than you think. Chances are which, like me, you read a lot of interesting articles by others on an everyday basis which might well relate to your intended audience – a readership that includes potential customers and clientele.

With this in mind, it’s unlikely that you’ll be short of content to share.

The problem now continues to be – how better to share this content along with your followers without overwhelming them?

Poor Examples of Content Curation

We’ve all seen good examples of companies exactly where the “Social Media Guru” for that corporate brand has woken up and pumped out a heap of one way links in one go. Whilst the links could well be interesting to people, they tend getting neglected because of the vast number of them.

Don’t get caught in this pitfall. Instead, drip feed the content of yours.

Drip feeding social media content

Drip feed your content for your target market through the entire morning permits them to break down it slowly rather compared to try to stuff in one go.

Social networking tools such a HootSuite and Tweetdeck have the ability to plan status updates for Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook – but in case you have a good deal of material that is interesting , when and what you have scheduled becomes confusing.

This’s where the social networking application Buffer is packaged in to enjoy.

Using Buffer to drip feed content

Buffer is a free app that allows you to create a buffer (the clue is in the name, eh?) of a maximum of 10 updates for Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook over 3 times – longer time frames are manufactured in a premium release – which will then be put up during 1 day at pre-defined times of your choosing.

In addition to the Buffer web-site, there are plug-ins for your web browser to allow one-click buffering of content which is interesting you find, and also you are able to additionally e-mail yourself at a specific Buffer email address with content you want scheduled – helpful in case you like content on the iPad or maybe another mobile device.

Tracking clicks on your content

As well as introducing with your favourite URL shortening tools – like – Buffer also generates statistics on the website links you’ve discussed so you can find out how many people clicked through and re-shared those links. Very useful for analysing the sort of content your followers are keen on.


Using Buffer makes sharing useful, content that is related with your Social networking audience many simpler and more safely and effectively.

After you get into the routine of sharing interesting and relevant written content as it is read by you, thus providing valuable information to your followers, you’ll begin to create a good following of those that are actually curious about what you have to talk about.

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